Frequently Asked Questions

What time will my fitter arrive?

We advise an all day appointment as your fitter could have more than one job on in any one day, if you are unable to be home all day we advise leaving a key with us prior the job, or with a neighbour to allow us access. If you need a more accurate time please let us know and we can put a request on for the fitter to call you on the day. Alternatively if you have time restraints such as school run etc for us to avoid, then we can also pass this information on.

Do you fit flooring that I have already bought from elsewhere?

No, we do not offer a fitting only service. We offer supply only or supply & installation.

Do you offer finance?

Yes we do offer finance but please note this is not 0%, we are not qualified to give financial advice and you can get a personalised rate on your finance by following the link on our website. This is offered by Ideal4Finance who are regulated by the financial conduct authority.

What types of flooring do you sell?

Engineered wood, laminate, Karndean/Amtico, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, carpet, vinyl, electric underfloor heating systems, safety flooring and all prep and subfloor renovation works.

How can I get a quote from you?

You can arrange a free measure appointment via our website, if you have trouble doing this then please contact us and we can book this in manually for you.

Our showroom is open by appointment only so please only book a showroom appointment if you are also booking a measure appointment, due to the current climate we are trying to reduce contact between households, and as we have few showroom appointments available we would like to reserve these for our own customers.

Will you price match a cheaper quote?

If you have a more competitive quote, please do send us a copy via email and we will take a look to see if we can match it on a like for like basis.

Which option is the best floor to buy?

The answer depends on your household and budget, there are a few different options available and our free consultation service will help you to decide. We recommend booking a measure and a showroom appointment so that we can help you make an informed decision.

Do you undertake commercial projects?

Either via email or give us a call on 01252372222.

Do you sell to the trade?

We do work with several tradespeople and are looking to build on this in the near future, please contact Louise to discuss further.

I have never bought flooring before and I don’t know where to start… can you help?

Yes, during our showroom consultation we can help with all aspects from understanding your budget & requirements through to explaining how the subfloor is prepped and how the flooring is installed. We offer a complete service from start to finish and can even help you choose a colour if you require.

I would like to make a complaint

We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with the service/products you have received. We take complaints very seriously as our company ethos is based entirely around giving good customer service, please email your complaint (with photos if applicable) and we will look into it further for you and advise of any outcome, we will always try our best to put things right.

How long will the latex take to dry, when will I be able to walk on it?

3-4 hours after it goes down you will be able to walk on it, depending on weather and ventilation in the property, but 24 hours until we can lay the flooring onto the dried latex.

Do you hoover the carpets?

We don’t usually hoover the carpet on installation, and you will notice some excess fluff to begin with but once you hoover this then you shouldn’t have a problem. Wool carpets may shed for a longer period of time but this shouldn’t wear the carpet at all.

Will you take up and take away the carpet?

We do offer a service for uplift and disposal but this is chargeable so please ensure you have been quoted and invoiced for this service if you require it.

What will happen if my carpet new carpet makes my door rub?

This can be quite common when you choose a new thicker carpet, you will need to have your doors eased (cut), we can do this for you at a cost of £25 per door or you may wish to make you own alternative arrangements to have the doors cut, in which case we can leave them off for you out of your way.

When do I have to pay for my flooring/ can I change my mind once I have ordered?

We usually invoice for materials less fitting or less VAT if you have an employed fitter, this is scheduled 2-4 weeks ahead of your job depending on order times for materials. Once you commit to your materials and we order them these are non-returnable unless faulty. 

Does your quote include VAT?

Yes all quotes include VAT.

Is your fitting guaranteed?

Yes we guarantee our fitting from one year of the installation. We do this because if any fitting issues arise then this is likely to happen within the first couple of months. Different product ranges for the materials themselves carry different levels of guarantee depending on the product/manufacturer, however we can supply all of this information before you order so that you can make an informed decision on your purchase.

Do you use your own fitters or subcontractors?

We use a mixture, we have a couple of employed fitters and several subcontractors. We vet all of our fitters whether employed or self-employed to a very high standard. Our subcontractors work with us on a regular basis and we know them and their workmanship well. Whether you get our subcontractor or employed fitter, we will always offer our same warranty on fitting.

How are you adhering to social distancing?

We have a very strict policy in place so that you can feel assured all measures are being taken to keep you and the fitter safe. Please let us know if you would like a copy of this policy.

How long will the installation take?

Contact us directly for an accurate timescale of how long your particular job will take.

Do I need to be home for the installation?

No, you can leave a key with us, or with a  neighbour and we can work in your property whilst you are not home.

Is there any way my quote could increase in cost when you start fitting?

Whilst it is rare, sometimes we can come up against additional subfloor works that may be required that weren’t picked up when measuring. If we come across such an issue we will always quote you and communicate with you before going ahead with additional work.

Do I have to have door bars breaking up my laminate?

Laminate can be flowed through seamlessly unless the area is over 11 linear metres in which case you will require a break in the doorway.

Do I have to have door bars breaking up my LVT/Kandean/Amtico?

No you don’t have to but you can if you wish.

Can I return any left over packs of flooring?

Unfortunately once ordered, our suppliers do not take returns unless faulty and therefore we are unable to offer returns. For this reason we would always recommend you allow us to measure rather than work off your own sizes.