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Getting Furniture Dents Out Of Your Carpet

By 12 December 2019Flooring

When it comes to Christmas, a lot of things are happening in your house. The decorations are making their way down from the loft, presents are already bought and wrapped (if you’re organised anyway), and the Christmas menu has already been planned. But when it came time to put up the Christmas tree, did you notice something? Maybe that when you moved the sofa and the coffee table in the annual furniture rearrange, they left some deep dents in the carpet? It’s not surprising  heavy furniture left in once place will leave dents where the carpet fibres are being compressed, but it’s not exactly a great look for your family Christmas card. Luckily these dents are usually simple to get rid of, and you don’t need any specialist equipment to do it. So, to get your home ready for Christmas, here are a few different things you could try.

Ice, Ice Baby

All you need for this method is some ice, preferably in cubes. Put a medium-sized ice cube in each dent for smaller ones, or for larger impressions use a couple. Then leave them there for several hours, or overnight if you prefer. The aim is to slowly get the carpet fibres wet, allowing them to soak up the water slowly as the cubes melt. Once the ice has melted, brush the fibres of the carpet with a wide-toothed comb, or with the edge of a plastic card or metal spoon. If you have a carpet with tall fibres, go over it again with your fingertips to coax the fibres back into their original positions.


In some cases, a good, focussed hoover is all you need to resurrect your carpet. Before you start, run your fingers through the carpet fibres, back and forth a few times to disrupt them and encourage them to stand up straight again. That plastic card could be useful here if your fingers aren’t doing anything. Then put your vacuum on high with the removable hose on, go back and forth over the spot, applying suction directly where you can. Make sure you vacuum around the dent as well as his will help you pull the carpet back into line.

Steam Treatment

Steam is a great option for large carpet dents, and it’s a super natural method that won’t cause any damage if you do it right. First get yourself a moist cotton cloth – a tea towel or muslin are great options here. It should be damp, but not wet enough to drip. Put the cloth over the dent and then iron it. Make sure your iron is on the cotton setting, and try to iron slightly beyond the dent so that you don’t miss anything. Once you think it’s warmed through enough, remove the iron but leave the cloth. Ideally, you’ll leave it there for a few hours so that the cloth is dry. Then just fluff up the carpet fibres with your fingers. This tends to be the most effective option, so you may want to try this if the other two haven’t worked.

Get It Cleaned

Of course if you don’t want to do all that yourself, one of your options is to get it cleaned professionally. Since it is the festive season we recommend going for dry carpet cleaning options like this, which will pull out all the dents, smooth everything over and leave your carpets looking good as new – just in time for everyone to trample all over them on Christmas Day! Dry carpet cleaning also means you’re not stuck waiting for a carpet to dry, or liberally spraying air freshener to get rid of the slight wet dog smell.


And that’s it from us for another year at Floor24! We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year, and we can’t wait to see you back again in January with lots of new ideas for that dream home makeover. If you’d like some help with your carpet or flooring, just get in touch with the team today for your free consultation.

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