large variety of carpets,

whether you are looking for

budget or luxury

We supply a large variety of carpets, whether you are looking for budget or luxury – give us a call and we will be happy to advise which carpet would best suit your household needs. We only work with quality brands that we are proud to sell.

Wool twist carpets

Wool twist carpets are typically 80% wool, 20% other man-made fibres or 50% wool and 50% other man-made carpets. By using tightly twisted yarns in a cut pile construction a slightly textured twist pile surface is obtained.

Wool carpets are incredibly hard wearing and tend not to flatten much under furniture particularly on stairs or other heavy traffic areas. Modern wool twist carpets are now often moth resistant, also look out for manufacturers that offer the wool owners warranty (WOW) – whereby if you stain your wool carpet and cannot clean it, your manufacturer will arrange for it to be professionally cleaned for you!

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Structured loop carpets

Most structured loop carpets are made from 100% wool, a lot of the trendy stripe carpets you see are structured loop carpets – giving the stripe a bold and unique finish. Plain loop carpets come in a number of different weaves and often give your home that rustic country feel.

Man Made carpets

Man-made carpets are incredibly wearing, often bleach cleanable and usually rated for heavy domestic use – so ideal if you have pets or children! A lot of the manufacturers will offer a certain number of years ‘wear warranty’

Saxony carpets

Saxony carpets are extra thick carpets for that extra luxury underfoot, usually super soft and extra heavy – perfect for making your home feel really cosy on those cold winter nights!

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